Winter AG obtains Gematik approval for the new Electronic Health Card

10 Million Insured People Receive New Cards in 2011!

Unterschleißheim, the 22 August 2011– Winter AG, the leading producer of Smart Cards, obtained the approval to supply the new Electronic Health Card which was granted by the responsible Gematik. Until the end of the 2011 year, the public health insurance institutions intend to furnish 10% of their customers with an electronic health card. By the end of 2012, the rate shall be at 70%.

Winter AG, a daughter company of Exceet Group, is amongst others a leading producer of Smartcards, with related Services of Personalization as well as Security Solutions. This newly obtained approval by Gematik extends and underlines the outstanding technological competence of Winter AG in the area of e-health (public health services).

The approval applies to the online-compatible G1+ version and is therefore already compatible for later application options of the card. With the first roll-out phase for 10% of the insured, Winter AG receives an order volume of 10 million cards. The follow-up supplies will guarantee more, long-term orders in this area. Winter AG is also commissioned with the digitalization and optimization of pictures, which will rule out misuse of the cards. ‘”The approval to deliver the eGK is an important step for the future growth of our company,” says Robert Wolny, CEO of Winter AG.

Test Run under Real Conditions strengthens acceptance

The electronic health card produced by Winter AG has already been successfully tested in some model regions before being introduced nationwide. According to a survey by BITCOM, the national association of the high-tech industry, approximately 70% of all Germans approve a fast roll-out of the card. Combined with an effective Tele-Information structure, the electronic health card will improve the information management in health services. It will considerably facilitate the communication between doctors and patients, therefore providing an optimal and fast patient care. 

About Winter AG

As a leading supplier of chip cards for security relevant solutions Winter AG perfectly completes the product portfolio as well as the technological know-how of Exceet group SE. Based on their extensive experience with all types of smart cards, Winter AG advanced technologies and system solutions in the areas of IT security, electronic payment, mobile communications and health. For its clients Winter AG fulfills all processes starting with data scanning, data enhancement, the production and confectioning all through to letter-shop.

About Exceet Group SE

Exceet Group AG (former Helikos SE) is the mother company of Exceet Group AG. Exceet Group SE is listed at Frankfurt’s stock exchange in the prime standard. Exceet Group AG is a leading supplier of embedded electronic and security solutions in Europe with production sites in Switzerland, Austria, the Check Republic, Germany and the Netherlands.

About Gematik - Company for Telematics Applications of the Health Card

In 2002, the leading associations in the health sector decided on a common approach to introduce the electronic health Card which was to become part of the regulation to modernize the public health insurances. For the conception of the health card and the telematics infrastructure, the approval of components as well as the operation, Gematik was founded on the 11th of January 2005. Today some 150 IT-specialists, application specialists as well as project managers work for the company which is based in Berlin.   

Company Contact Exceet Group:

Fabian Rau
Phone: +41(0)793125998

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