The exceet Group looks back on numerous corporate transactions. 

Acquisition Apex Group 2023
Sale of Lucom GmbH Elektrokomponenten & Systeme 2022
Sale of GS Swiss PCB AG 2021
Sale of exceet Secure Solutions GmbH 2021
Sale of exceet Medtec Romania 2018
Sale of AEMtec GmbH 2018
Sale of „exceet electronics“ activities 2018
Changes in the Board of Directors of exceet Group SE 2017
Fusion ECR AG with exceet electronics AG 2017
Divestment of its ID Management & Systems (“IDMS”) 2016
Renaming as electronics GmbH in exceet electronics GmbH, Contec GmbH in exceet electronics GesmbH, Mikrap AG in exceet electronics AG 2015
Renaming AuthentiDate in exceet Secure Solutions AG 2014
IPO exceet Group AG: exceet Group SE 2011
Foundation AuthentiDate AG (D) 2001
Foundation AEMtec GmbH (D) - as Spin-Off ofInfineon Technologies AG 2000
Foundation as electronics GmbH (D) 1995
Foundation ECR AG (CH) - as Buy-out of Roche Diagnostics AG 1994
Foundation Lucom (D) 1991
Foundation Contec GmbH (A) 1986
Foundation GS Swiss PCB AG (CH) 1981
Foundation Mikrap AG (CH) 1978