Sale of "exceet electronics" activities

Publication of inside information in accordance with section 17 MAR

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Financial Results First Quarter 2018: Electronics Market in Good Condition

• 3M 2018 group sales at EUR 38.0 million (3M 2017: EUR 35.4 million), plus 7.4% compared to prior year; Organic Growth Rate1) 3M 2018: plus 10.4% (3M…

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Financial Results 2017 (Annual Report) - Solid Electronics Portfolio

• Total Group sales at EUR 143.4 million (2016: EUR 135.3 million),

Organic Growth1) excluding currency effect +6.6% compared to 2016


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exceet to market industrial-use developer kit based on Raspberry Pi

• exceet Passepartout – a Developer Kit for design of industrial applications

• customizable standard technology accelerates development cycles


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On the safe side with exceet

• Security for distributed devices in an IoT landscape

• Secure communication through hardware-based encryption


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Changes in the Board of Directors of exceet Group SE

Luxembourg, 6 December 2017 – The current members of the Board of Directors, Hans Hofstetter, Dirk-Jan van Ommeren and Dr. Hagen Hultzsch resigned…

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exceet at the SPS IPC Drives 2017: “From Clamp to Cloud”

• compact, customizable control devices

• modern, user-friendly operating and display systems

• devices for secure communication, remote control and…

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Financial Results Third Quarter 2017: Further improved Performance supported by strong Demand

• 9M 2017 group sales at EUR 108.7 million (9M 2016: EUR 99.8 million), plus 8.9% compared to prior year; organic growth1 9M 2017: +9.0% (9M 2016:…

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exceet as a Development Partner for Wearables and Solutions for Patient Monitoring at the Compamed

• broad experience with body wearable electronics

• development and production services through to product maturity


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