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5. July 2016

exceet offers Germany’s First eIDAS-Compliant Timestamp Service

• One German provider of legally secure electronic documents for clients across Europe
• High-performance timestamp service by exceet: low-cost security for large data volumes

Rotkreuz, Düsseldorf, July 5, 2016 – exceet Secure Solutions AG, a member company of exceet Technology Group, is the first German provider of qualified electronic timestamps compliant with the new EU and EFTA-wide eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Services) Regulation. Following successful conclusion of the certification process, the IT security specialist was awarded the European Trust Mark by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) on July 1, 2016. Using the new exceet Timestamp Authority (eTSA) operating at the company’s own Trust Center, clients anywhere in Europe and from any branch of industry can reliably identify any manipulation of data and documents, and document content in a legally secure fashion.

The objective of the new eIDAS Regulation is to create a common standard for so-called Trusted Services in all EU and EFTA states to serve as a basis for end-to-end electronic business processes between public agencies, businesses and private citizens throughout Europe. For business, the new Regulation provides special benefits in cross-border communication and documentation because eIDAS-compliant timestamps must be recognized in all European countries.

Consequently, eIDAS-compliant timestamps also have high legal status as evidence in court. Additionally, the exceet timestamp service can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of legally secure documentation, a major benefit being that clients do not need to maintain their own infrastructures for generating eIDAS-compliant timestamps.

Qualified Electronic Timestamps “Made in Germany” since 2001

exceet is one of the most experienced timestamp service providers in Europe. Since 2001, the company has offered a certified timestamp service that has continually satisfied the stringent technical and regulatory requirements of German and European law. The introduction of the new eIDAS-compliant exceet Timestamp Authority (eTSA) is the IT security specialist’s response to recent developments and represents a seamless continuation of its secure timestamp services.

“For more than 15 years, exceet has provided reliable qualified timestamps for industry and healthcare clients across Europe, and with our new status as qualified trusted services provider under eIDAS, we will continue to offer our clients the highest level of legally recognized protection”, says Christian Schmitz, managing director of exceet Secure Solutions AG. “We are very pleased that exceet has succeeded in assuming a lead role in this field and can continue to offer its customers competitive benefits”.

For further information on the exceet Timestamp Authority (eTSA), please visit: www.exceet-secure-solutions.de/en/it-security/electronic-timestamps-compliant-with-eidas   

Your direct line to exceet Secure Solutions:

Evangelos Popis, Head of Sales Segment Secure Solutions, phone +49 211 - 43 69 89 0
Email: evangelos.popis(at)exceet.de / www.exceet-secure-solutions.de

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