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8. October 2015

exceet Manufactures Innovative Post-Urography System

• Sense-of-balance analysis supports diagnosis and therapy for neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine
• exceet as a partner for development, prototyping, serial production and certification of medical products

Rotkreuz, Ebbs, Oct. 13, 2015 – exceet electronics, a member company of exceet Group and a specialist for manufacturing sensors and complex electronics, has been mandated with producing a new post-urography system. The client is SENSE PRODUCT Co., an internationally active enterprise specializing in measurement, diagnosis and training devices for medical, therapy, rehab and sports applications.

The centerpiece of the new post-urography system is an innovative hovering technology integrated into the device platform. This surface can be movably mounted or fixed in place. Sensors register the foot pressure distribution of the patient under various conditions and determine balance reactions. A special program checks the individual measurement values against a wide range of reference data.

EMV Testing and TÜV Certifications for each Device

exceet already provided support to SENSE PRODUCT during the development phase. The electronics specialist developed a special USB hub for the new product, with an interface to the tilt sensor and the sensor readers. More than 5,000 sensors are integrated into the standing platform and read out via the hub. By way of secure connection, the data is transmitted to a central server for analysis, producing an individual results log for each patient.

In addition to the hub itself, exceet also provided all related software customization and delivered the required components, including server connectivity. Thanks to its long-standing certification experience, the electronics specialist was also able to assist the client with EMV testing and TÜV certification. After producing the prototype and the pilot series, exceet has now started serial manufacturing. Since this concerns a medical product, each individual device is certified by a TÜV approval officer at the exceet plant – a process familiar to the special services provider from a wide range of client projects and therefore one it can professionally support in the client interest.

Tried and Proven

The new post-urography system has already been delivered to a number of hospitals for use in day-to-day therapy work.

The potential fields of application of the innovative device extend to all medical disciplines dealing with sensor science, motor functions, sense of balance and vertigo analysis, i.e. neurology,  orthopedics, physical and rehab medicine. In addition, centers for high-performance sports, e.g. skiing, have shown an interest in this innovative device for use in optimizing training sessions. 

“In exceet, we are very pleased to have found a partner who can provide knowhow to support us along the entire value chain. exceet has many years of experience with designing, developing, industrializing and, last not least, manufacturing complex high-quality components and complete medical devices. We benefit from this experience and quality, and so do our customers”, says Thomas Kogler, managing director of SENSE PRODUCT.

“In our collaboration with SENSE PRODUCT, we were able to contribute our expertise e.g. in the field of certification, and at the same time work with the client to create a sophisticated product and bring it to market maturity. This close cooperation let us create a high-quality innovation and proceed to serial production within a very short time span”, adds Wolfgang Unterlerchner, managing director of exceet electronics.       

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